Feeling ‘Insignificant’ in a Love Relationship

Many lovers keep thinking if they love the right person. They think if they should continue their love relationship or break up with their boyfriend (or girlfriend).

There are many people who, after getting engaged, keep wondering if they have been engaged to the right person. Should they go ahead and marry their fiancé (or fiancée) or quit the relationship.

Also, many married couples believe that they have taken a wrong decision by marrying their spouse and instead of being the “Significant Other” in their relationship, they have become an “Insignificant Other” to their spouse.

In either case, one of the most common reasons for one person thinking that they are in a wrong relationship is – they don’t feel significant in their relationship. If you are doing a job and you feel insignificant doing that job, you can quit it and get another one. Similarly, if you are doing a business and you feel insignificant doing that business, you can close that business and start another. Changing a job or business is not so easy but, still, manageable. But feeling insignificant in any relationship is a much harder situation to handle because it hurts more personally and deeply.

Some of the major reasons why your partner may feel insignificant in a relationship with you:

They get No Respect or Appreciation they Deserve
⇒ You don’t value the ideas and suggestions of your partner.
⇒ You keep making fun of them in front of others even if they don’t like it.
⇒ You don’t find them capable enough of taking some good decisions for you or your family.
⇒ Your partner works day and night to earn bread and butter for your family but gets no respect they deserve for their hard work.
⇒ Your partner does all household chores throughout the day and takes care of your family but gets no appreciation for their dedication.

You Don’t Listen to them
⇒ You don’t pay enough attention when they say something to you and later you forget what they said.
⇒ Your partner tries to communicate to you, tell their feelings to you but you don’t take interest in listening to them.

You make them feel Inferior
⇒ You try to show your superiority over them.
⇒ You try to show your family’s superiority over their family.

You make them feel Less Important
⇒ You forget their favorites, likes, and dislikes.
⇒ You always give others more priority than them.
⇒ You don’t honor most of the promises you make to them.

You make them feel Alone
⇒ You don’t help them achieve their goals.
⇒ You are not available for your partner when they need you (emotionally and physically).

In love relationships (before marriage)
⇒ They ask you when you will marry them and you keep avoiding or postponing their request by giving several reasons.

How they actually feel being insignificant in a relationship:
⇒ They feel Lonely.
⇒ They feel Inferior.
⇒ They feel Worthless.
⇒ They feel Disrespected.
⇒ They feel Disconnected.
⇒ They feel Unimportant for you.
⇒ They feel they don’t Belong to you.
⇒ They don’t Communicate with you properly.
⇒ They Lose Trust in you and your relationship.
⇒ They feel that they are an Option – not a Priority for you.
⇒ They often seem Lost in their own world and don’t reply to you.
⇒ They hesitate or stop talking about the future because they doubt if they even have a future with you.
⇒ They often think to Quit their relationship with you.

In upcoming blogs of this series, we will know:
How you can make your partner feel significant?
⇒ What you can do if you are feeling “Insignificant” in your relationship


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This article is dedicated to your “Significant Other”. Don’t make them feel your “Insignificant Other”.