How you can make your partner feel significant?

Feeling significant is crucial for having a relationship filled with love and trust. If you (or your partner) feel insignificant, you will not be able to enjoy your relationship. Lack of significance leads to frustration and lack of excitement, love and passion in the relationship.

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In this blog, we will discuss how you can make your partner feel significant if he/she is feeling Insignificant in a relationship with you:

Listen to them
If your partner is feeling ‘insignificant’, they will try to reach out to you and put some effort to tell you that they are not feeling well. The first thing they will do is trying to vent out their emotions in front of you. They might do some insane acts to grab your attention or tell you directly that they want to talk to you immediately. And the very first thing you can do is to pay attention and listen to your partner empathetically.

Praise / Appreciate them on their good work
Appreciation motivates all of us, and lack of appreciation makes us feel worthless, and feeling worthless is one of the worst feelings anyone can have in a relationship. If your partner is taking care of you and your loved ones, the most basic thing you can do is to show your gratitude for whatever they do for you. A few words of appreciation (when alone or in front of their friends or family members) will surely do miracles.

Make them feel how important they are in your life
Many a time someone only wants to know how important they are for their partner. Making your partner feel important for you will give them a strong reason to be with you happily. The moment your partner realizes that they are your priority and not an option, they will start feeling satisfied and significant.

Involve them in the decisions you make
This is another way of making them feel good in the relationship with you. If you think your partner can’t give any input in a specific decision, you can at least make them aware of your decisions. That way your partner will not feel side-lined.

Do something that makes them happy
If your partner is feeling sad, you can do something that they like. For instance, you can cook their favorite food, take them to visit their favorite place. You can also surprise them with something they like (remember to give surprises occasionally, otherwise your frequent surprises may soon become boring for your partner).

Motivate them to give their best at whatever they do
Due to lack of motivation and low self-esteem, your partner may develop the fear of failure (in personal or professional life), and because of that fear, they may have the feeling of worthlessness or being a failed person. Such a situation would also impact your relationship. If this is the case, it can never be better if you motivate them to give their best and help them in overcoming the bad phase of their life.

No one wants to live an ‘Insignificant’ life. If your partner is not finding any significance with you, and they continue to feel insignificant for a long time, soon your relationship will become flavorless. If you see such a situation arising, there are some easy steps (some of them mentioned above) that you can take to make them feel significant and make your relationship lively again.

Note: It’s not always the case that only your partner is feeling ‘Insignificant’. Sometimes you might also feel like that. Read the upcoming blog of this series to know What you can do for yourself if you are feeling “Insignificant” in your relationship.

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This article is dedicated to your “Significant Other”. Don’t make them feel your “Insignificant Other”.