About Me

Hey! I am Bhupendra Jain, a Relationship Consultant, Psychologist, and Mental Health and Wellbeing Counsellor.

I am a passionate and value-driven psychologist and counsellor who loves his work and finds solace in other people’s happiness and contentment. I have been solving personal, professional, and mental health issues of people straight out of my passion with the commitment to change people’s lives for the better.

I am working with and for people by providing telephonic, in-person, online and offline counselling services to make a positive impact in their lives.

What am I Doing?

I am working as a Relationship, Personality and Life Coach, leading people to a stable and positive way of living.

I conduct counselling sessions, seminars, webinars, corporate coaching and speeches through different channels. However, meeting new people and understanding their emotion is what I am most devoted to. I transform the way people think while leading them towards a happy and meaningful life.

As a Psychologist and Counsellor, I hold robust experience in: